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Current exhibition Green Door Gallery

The gallery will be closed for Memorial Day weekend, but will reopen next weekend, June 1 & 2. For an appointment to see the show during the week text 917-592-6348.


Color Moves: Four Painters Turn Up the Heat

David Ambrose, Elizabeth Hazan, Fran O’Neill, David Anselm Turner

May 18 - June 9, 2019

opening: Saturday, May 18, 6-8 pm

hrs: Sat./Sun. 3-6pm and by appointment


Press Release:

Sudden inspiration has its charms: like a bolt of lightning at midnight it illuminates everything around it in the erie, electric blue of genius. But the fact is that the bolt only lasts a fraction of a second, and then you are cast back into the dark.

The four artists in this show, on the other hand, have taken the raw materials of their experience -- the murky waters of the id, follies of youth, flights of imagination -- and have translated it into a bonfire of creativity that pushes the darkness back until the day returns.

And in making their own heat and light they come up with paintings that are as surprising, fluid and mesmerizing as darting flames and glowing embers.

All four are at their peak. Their world is color. Their passion is movement, and they take us, via their mark and line, on a magnificent journey. They show us an unabashed love for color, rhythm, space, movement, light and play.

David Ambrose takes the viewer on a journey of his own making via his perforations and color dots. His technique draws on his family history of textile work and lacemaking, taking the patterns and rhythms found in this history to a surprising new level of hyper-saturation and beauty; the works are mesmerizing and euphoric.

Elizabeth Hazan’s fluid and moving line proscribes spaces that read as both up and down, leaving the viewer delightfully off-kilter and enthralled. Her spaces are filled to bursting with color. Flatness is played expertly against depth. In paintings that evoke landscape, she plays with our sense of grounding.

Fran O’Neill grabs viewers by the lapels with her bold, fast moving swirls of color and takes them on a visual journey along paths of saturated hues that turn up, down, and all around. Her work is exhilarating.

David Anselm Turner’s paintings have been created in the epicenter of the fire: we get to see his vivid curving marks as they burn brightly, as they fade, and as they dance to the intense choreography of pure heat and constant change.